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Active-Tools Adapter Stroke Counter

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The adapter for mounting Active Tools impact counters to the NK mount

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The Active-Tools Adapter Impact Counter connects the Active-Rate and Active-Time stroke counters with NK mounts. Permanently installed brackets do not need to be replaced when switching to Active Tools.

Active Tools was founded in London in 2002 and develops all its products itself.

Based on the experience of racing rowers and additional technical know-how, some very interesting products have been created that help rowers and trainers to analyze their performance and simplify measurements on the boat.

the declared goal of Active Tools is to produce the best possible rowing products. This approach has led to numerous innovative, patented designs.

The Active Tools factory is located near Henley in England and all Active Tools products are developed and prototyped in-house. With this approach, Active Tools can create innovative designs very quickly. Subsequently, the prototypes and initial production samples are extensively tested and inputs from coaches, rowers and coxes are obtained in order to make the designs as optimal as possible. Active Tools speedometers were the first to use accelerometers to eliminate the need for seat magnets, and the Active Tools CoxOrbs do far more than any other rudder amplifier ever before.

The Active Tools delivers directly in the UK and through specifically selected representatives in several countries.

"New products are always under development and we welcome comments on existing products and suggestions for new ones."
Joe Edwards | General Manager & Technical Support

JLSPORT.DE is a premium partner and sole trading platform of Active Tools in German-speaking countries.