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  • ATEX Behelfs– Mund- und Nasenmaske, schwarz

ATEX makeshift mask – mouth and nose mask

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Reusable everyday mask in 2 colors
No medical device, but EU standard

  • Reduces the risk of virus spread
  • Quick-drying, very light
  • Retaining straps with the best fit
  • Suitable for spectacle wearers
  • Individually packed
  • Cooking linen up to 90°C



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Quantity Price per piece Discount
1 €6.29 0%
10 5,29 € 16 %
100 4,79 € 24 %
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The ATEX makeshift mouth and nose mask made of lightweight cotton material protects you fundamentally from the transmission of viruses in public. Especially with the rising, summer temperatures, it is important to use a comfortable to wear face mask that is breathable and disinfecting washable. The ATEX everyday mask offers both. The sustainable mask serves as a safe face protection and nightlife mask, because it is reusable several times and can be washed at 90 ° C. The material is quick-drying, reducing the risk of becoming permeable. The mask offers a physical barrier in order not to unintentionally touch your face, e.B. The retaining straps are close to the head. As a result, the mask adapts perfectly to the shape of the face. This also protects the ears, which is especially important for spectacle wearers. The ATEX mask is particularly light and ensures that the wearer is always well supplied with air. So you can wear this mask even with a longer stay in shops without any problems. We offer the ATEX mouth and nose mask in modern design plain in black and blue. Since the masks are individually packaged, they can be carried quickly and safely. More protection with less sweating! This product is not a medical product within the meaning of the MPG (MPG = Medical Products Act). The face mask is a makeshift mask, with all the features that are currently required. Wearing the face mask in public spaces reduces droplet distribution when talking, coughing and sneezing, thus making an overall contribution to reducing the risk of transmission of droplet infections. The makeshift masks are produced in the EU and comply with all EU standards.Note: Please wash at 60°C before the first day. Attractive graduated prices and volume discounts!

Data sheet

20 x 10 cm

Specific References

ATEX is a Czech company that produces high-quality sportswear in small batches for various sports. For more than 25 years, the company has been producing clothing exclusively in workshops in the Czech Republic. Most of their regular customers are Czech, but customers from Germany, Belarus and other European countries also have ATEX produced.

ATEX is the outfitter of several national teams, such as the Czech national team in biathlon, rowing, triathlon, Nordic combined, bobsleigh, snowboardcross, wrestling, cross-country skiing and others.

The Czech company ATEX produces one-pieces for national rowers, such as the 3-time world champion and Olympic champion Ondra's Synek.


Ironable to a max of 200 °C


Do not clean chemically


Washable at 90 °C

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