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JLSPORT Rowing Gel Seat pads

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Pressure-resistant rowing seat pads with gel filling for the roller seat

  • Neoprene top
  • Underside with grip for stability on the roller seat
  • Swim in the water
  • Suitable for ergometers
  • Washable with warm water
  • Writable name tag
Ready to ship in 1-3 business days

* Order by 13:00 and receive with DHL Express on the next working day. Exception for orders on public holidays.

This rowing seat pad with gel filling offers absolute comfort on your roller seat. It is durable and high-quality workmanship.

The health-promoting seat pad can have a positive effect on the regulation of blood circulation when used and prevent severe pain in the legs and buttocks, which could spoil your sporting experience.

Training sessions with the JLSPORT rowing seat pad become very pleasant and prevent pressure and wounds on the buttocks. Especially for longer rowing sessions, the JLSPORT rowing gel seat pads is a relief and your relief. A good rowing seat cushion also helps relieve pressure by reducing pressure on certain areas of the buttocks, which can be especially helpful during long rowing sessions. An additional side effect of rowing seat cushions is that they can help improve rowing technique by making you sit up straighter and keeping your back straight.

Well-made padding is important to reduce pelvic floor pain.

The neoprene skin of the rowing seat pad is flexible, non-slip, sweat-resistant and durable.

The rowing seat pad is filled with soft all-weather gel, which adapts optimally to the buttocks and is comfortable at any temperature.

The 10mm padding is perfect to cushion the butt sufficiently without strongly affecting the sitting position, which is also important in ergometer training.

In the loop you can additionally attach a carabiner hook and a rubber band to anchor the cushion to the seat, but also the slightly roughened underside offers enough support on the smooth roller seat.

Write your name on the sign at the bottom - then you will find it again after going ashore.

The rowing seat pads are unisex, therefore the rowing seat pads are suitable for both men and women.

One advantage of the rowing seat pads is that it floats and another that it does not emit any material smell. The seat cover is compact. It can be easily stowed away in any sports bag, taken on holiday and on a business trip and then simply washed off.

The comfortable, useful JLSPORT rowing gel seat pads you can also take with you to the football stadium or cushion the car seat better, there are countless applications - try it out!

We also offer attractive package prices for your team!


Data sheet

28.5 x 19.5 x 1cm
395 g
60% nylon and 10% elastane, 30% gel

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