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CRAFT Long Rowing Pants Rush Tights - Women's

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Tight-fitting functional sports pants - ideal for intensive running training and rowing

  • Women's and men's average
  • Extra long trouser legs
  • Highly elastic, ergonomic
  • Particularly soft comfort waistband
  • Quick-drying, breathable
Colour navy blue
Cut Women
Size XS
Ready to ship in 1-3 business days

The CRAFT rowing pants Rush Tights is a lightweight sports pants made of elastic functional material with a body-hugging cut. These sports pants ideally accompany your rowing and endurance training in colder weather and fit like a second skin. If you want to keep fit even in harsh weather, then the breathable material supports your sweat drainage and keeps you dry. Thanks to the soft fibres and the comfort waistband, the Rights has excellent wearing properties, even during movement-intensive activities.

It is perfect for interval and endurance sessions, so you and your team are optimally prepared for the next race. Optimal freedom of movement and non-slip fit is guaranteed by these sports leggings and blends seamlessly into your equipment in timeless black. Only the contrasting CRAFT logo on the right leg becomes visible.


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92% polyester, 8% elastane

Specific References

As a supplier to numerous national teams, teams and athletes, CRAFT benefits from the feedback of the athletes involved in the development. "For years, we have been working with many of the world's best athletes. With the knowledge of their needs, the CRAFT Teamsport collection was developed. This innovative and functional collection is aimed at all teams who want to enjoy optimal conditions. Because they form the foundation for top performance.