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  • JL RACING Rowing-Unisuit "Speed" Black/White - Women's brand-logo
  • JL RACING Rowing-Unisuit "Speed" Black/White - Women's brand-logo
  • JL RACING Rowing-Unisuit "Speed" Black/White - Women's
  • JL RACING Rowing-Unisuit "Speed" Black/White - Women's

JL RACING Rowing-Unisuit "Speed" Black/White - Women's

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Breathable JL RACING rowing one-piece suit, black with two white speed stripes per side.

  • Women's cut
  • Durable colorfast
  • Functional material Drywick
  • Double stitched seat
  • Soft and skin friendly
  • Eco certified with BlueSign®
Colour black
Cut Women

The JL RACING rowing unisuit "Speed" Black/White is especially suitable for active male and female rowers who appreciate a chic design. Thus, the two white stripes on each side bring the perfect speed effect. In addition to the dynamic design, form and function are also crucial in this classy rowing unisuit. The Drywick functional material is quick-drying and breathable, skin-friendly and pleasantly soft. The seams made of flexible thread and the double seat reinforcement ensure that this rowing unisuit will give you pleasure for a long time. This product guarantees environmentally friendly manufacturing and materials and has been certified with the "Bluesign®" eco-label.

The bluesign® certification stands for the strict monitoring of clean and sustainable production. Each bluesign® facility must prove that every step of the supply chain is sustainable and environmentally friendly. The bluesign® certification is based on six principles: Resource Productivity, Consumer Protection, Exhaust Air, Wastewater and Health, and Workplace Safety.

JL RACING started in the early eighties, while Joline, founding member, trained for the US World Team and competed in competitions. Joline went to a silver medal at the Open Women's Eight, Lucerne, '82. She designed and manufactured trousers and one-pieces that suited her, her rowing companions and her husband Ken, a track and field athlete. In the years since, Joline and Ken have developed JL Design Enterprises, Inc., a full-service sportswear company specializing in customized rowing one-pieces for training and racing.

As a company, JL RACING is committed to quality and service. For all customers, this means that JL RACING understands the importance of creating and maintaining team relationships between communication, deliveries, service and products.

Jolene on JL RACING: "Talk to rowing and kayaking coaches from world to club level. Talk to athletes from Olympic windsurfing and canoeing. Talk to cyclists, skiers and athletes. Ask them for JL RACING products for training, lifting, running and running. We stand behind what we do at JL RACING and we believe you can see and feel it."

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