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  • JL RACING Spaghetti Strap Rowing-Unisuit "Crushed Rose" - Women's

JL RACING Spaghetti Strap Rowing-Unisuit "Crushed Rose" - Women's

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Women Rowing unisuit with Freedom of movement and moisture wicking 

  • JL's original "V-front" waist visually elongates the torso for a correct and flattering fit.
  • The women's swimming costume top is made with swimming costume construction; sewn-in lining (made from recycled polyester) and soft swimming costume elastic.
  • The armholes are cut to maintain discretion with a firm hold but to avoid chafing
Cut Women

Get your adrenaline pumping in this new women's rowing unisuit. Designed to allow you to move with precision. The rowing unisuit is made from Drywick, a medium-weight, strong yet supple fabric. The rowing unisuit is made from the highest quality microfibre and is renowned for its durability. Rowing unisuits are the preferred racing and training wear in the rowing world.

JL RACING started in the early eighties, while Joline, founding member, trained for the US World Team and competed in competitions. Joline went to a silver medal at the Open Women's Eight, Lucerne, '82. She designed and manufactured trousers and one-pieces that suited her, her rowing companions and her husband Ken, a track and field athlete. In the years since, Joline and Ken have developed JL Design Enterprises, Inc., a full-service sportswear company specializing in customized rowing one-pieces for training and racing.

As a company, JL RACING is committed to quality and service. For all customers, this means that JL RACING understands the importance of creating and maintaining team relationships between communication, deliveries, service and products.

Jolene on JL RACING: "Talk to rowing and kayaking coaches from world to club level. Talk to athletes from Olympic windsurfing and canoeing. Talk to cyclists, skiers and athletes. Ask them for JL RACING products for training, lifting, running and running. We stand behind what we do at JL RACING and we believe you can see and feel it."

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