• RUDERSHOP Wertgutschein 25 Euro, Motiv 3 placeholder-logo
  • RUDERSHOP Wertgutschein 25 Euro, Motiv 3


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The ideal gift and a great appreciation!
Your voucher to print

  • Many motifs and value amounts selectable
  • Voucher code in PDF by e-mail
  • With folding instructions
  • Tangible gift with maximum freedom
  • Eliminates the need for pre-planning or last-minute purchasing

The RUDERSHOP voucher is always a great gift for all active rowers and all people who care about high-quality sporting goods. Printout vouchers allow you to give a tangible gift. You get PDFs that you can print out yourself - planning ahead or a last-minute purchase in the store become superfluous. Choose your desired amount and choose a motif. Our selection of motifs is constantly being expanded. If you have entered a motif and your desired amount, you can place your voucher in the shopping cart. After completing the order, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail and can print out the attached voucher yourself. The code for redeeming the value of the goods is located on the right inside of the voucher after folding and if you still want to attach a personal message, a congratulation or a stamp, then there is enough space on the left inside. The validity of the vouchers RUDERSHOP is three years from the date of purchase. The vouchers can be redeemed on, for all products at

Instructions for RUDERSHOP vouchers for printing

1. Choose voucher motif
Select your desired motif and a desired amount.

2. Order voucher
Add your voucher to your shopping cart.
As soon as the order process is completed, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail.
The PDF for printing can be found in the attachment of this e-mail and thus also the voucher for printing.

3. Print voucher
Open the PDF attached to your order confirmation.
You can now print your voucher on paper at the printer of your choice.

4. Fold voucher
Place the printed voucher in landscape format in front of you.
Fold your voucher along the dash lines.
First fold the paper horizontally (longitudinally) and then fold the paper vertically.
For a personal message you can use the left inside.

5. Hand over a voucher
Your voucher is ready to give a great pleasure to another person or to yourself.