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CRAFT Pro Control Compression, Longsleeve

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Comfortable long-sleeved shirt with slight compression

  • Unisex Cut
  • Moisture management
  • Wide crew neck
  • Ideal for outdoor activities
  • Tight ergomonic fit
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The CRAFT Pro Control Compression long-sleeved shirt increases your performance and also scores with pleasant material properties. The fast-drying fibres maintain an optimal body temperature level so that you are well looked after during activity. The tight cut adapts perfectly to your body structure and can therefore also wick moisture efficiently to the outside. The stretch fabric compresses the muscles and promotes oxygen supply, effectively shortening the necessary recovery phases. As a rowing garment, the shirt fits perfectly under your one-piece suit and sits well during all training sessions and endurance games. 

Compression garments are great for sports, whether it's rowing, cycling, playing handball or jogging. Due to the compression and quick-drying effects of compression clothing 

Compression garments are especially popular with athletes because the Pro Control Compression fits snugly and exerts a light pressure on the muscles in the fabric. This light pressure on the muscle supports the muscles and makes them more efficient. 

In hobby as well as in professional sports, compression clothing is indispensable. In addition to the effect that compression clothing has on the muscles, it also has a positive effect on regeneration after sport. With compression clothing, you can train more enduringly without much effort than without compression clothing. When exercising with compression clothing, muscle hardening and muscle soreness are prevented, so that the susceptibility to sports injuries such as stretching, fibre tears and joint damage is reduced. Even after injuries, compression garments can help you become more mobile again without overstraining your muscles.

As a supplier to numerous national teams, teams and athletes, CRAFT benefits from the feedback of the athletes involved in the development. "For years, we have been working with many of the world's best athletes. With the knowledge of their needs, the CRAFT Teamsport collection was developed. This innovative and functional collection is aimed at all teams who want to enjoy optimal conditions. Because they form the foundation for top performance.