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  • Secumar - VIVO 100 Rettungsweste brand-logo
  • Secumar - VIVO 100 Rettungsweste brand-logo
  • Secumar - VIVO 100 Rettungsweste brand-logo
  • Secumar - VIVO 100 Rettungsweste
  • Secumar - VIVO 100 Rettungsweste
  • Secumar - VIVO 100 Rettungsweste
  • Secumar - VIVO 100 Rettungsweste

Secumar - VIVO 100 rowing Life jacket

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The Secumar VIVO 100 rowing life jacket is a super all-rounder among life jackets.

  • optimal freedom of movement
  • high wearing comfort
  • easy handling
  • the rowing lifejacket is released manually.
  • easy to maintain
  • DIN certified


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The Secumar VIVO 100 life jacket, according to DIN EN ISO 12402-4, allows optimal freedom of movement.
An Eskimo role is not a problem.

In addition, the new model has a manual inflation device.

A lifejacket is the most important personal safety equipment for saving lives. On the high seas and on coastal and inland waters, where most rowers are active, the wearing of certified lifejackets is mandatory. Only a functioning lifejacket can save a person from drowning. 

100N lifejackets are used on inland waterways, such as lakes or rivers and sheltered waters, where neither swell nor gout are to be expected. The Secumar VIVI 100, as well as other 100N lifejackets, have only limited fainting safety. The reason for this is that the VIVO 100 lifejacket has a manual release.

Secumar has worked with rowing experts to develop rowing lifejackets and life vests that do not restrict the rowing movement, and the VIVO 100 rowing lifejacket is one of them.

The advantages at a glance:

Comfort and freedom of movement:
The extremely short, slim shape offers maximum freedom of movement. Body-hugging non-applied fit. Very light weight.

The SECUMAR VIVO 100 is equipped with the patented SECUMATIC 301SM manual triggering system. This inflating device has a small green indicator that indicates a readiness of the vest. If the bracket is missing, the vest was triggered without the CO2 cartridge being replaced.

Attachment and storage:
Putting on and taking off the life jacket is very easy due to the light SECUMAR front closure, it is dressed like a normal jacket.

The float and protective cover can be separated from each other and replaced individually in the SECUMAR SERVICE.

Underlying standards:
DIN EN ISO 12402-4 (CE mark)

Technical specifications:

Performance class (ISO 12402) 100 N
Inflating technology Manual release SECU 301SM
Buoyancy 110 N
CO₂ cartridge 22 g (HAND, 924)
Float system CLASSIC float signal yellow
Standard Neck fleece, mouth valve, signal flute, reflective stripes in the back area, vest pocket
Product Color Blue, Orange
Harness No
Shutter In front
Crotch No
Spray cap No
Emergency lighting Optional
Channel Preparation No
Inspection window No
Recovery belt No
Height/ Body Weight from 50 kg
Type of buoyancy Inflatable
Clothing type light clothing
Admission CE
3M® reflective strips Yes
Back Height-adjustable back strap
Protective cover material Polyester

SECUMAR – unique through consistent research and innovation

Many companies have made maritime safety their area of responsibility. But hardly any of them has approached the area with such high standards and as scientifically sound as Bernhardt Apparatebau GmbH u. Co from Holm near Hamburg.

For more than 50 years, the company, which manufactures and sells rescue equipment under the brand name SECUMAR , has stood for innovative products. Consistent research and the highest quality standards have helped Bernhardt Apparatebau to achieve a leading position in the industry worldwide.

The starting point of this unique development was basic research by company founder Jost Bernhardt. After his father Karl Bernhardt had produced helmet diving equipment from 1926, Jost Bernhardt turned to the field of distress rescue equipment after the war.