• Faltbare und stabile Eckla Bootsständer im 2-er Set brand-logo
  • Faltbare und stabile Eckla Bootsständer im 2-er Set

Eckla Rowing Boat trestles Set of 2

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Set of 2 Eckla foldable rowing boat trestles for repair, storage and cleaning on any surface

  • Aluminium
  • Foldable and compact boat trestles
  • Solid awning fabric
  • Stable stand
  • Leg caps
  • customizable with name or logo
  • Payload up to 80kg
  • Length 0.60m, width 0.50m height 0.53m boat trestles for boat typs 1 and 2 



The Eckla Boats trestles set of 2 is a reliable and foldable boat stand duo made of aluminium. The silver anodized frame is screwed and reinforced by a horizontal tube for excellent stability and safety for your boat on the boat trestles. The caps at the pipe ends ensure the best stand, no matter on which surface the boat trestles stand. The contact surface for the boat is covered with a firm but soft awning fabric. So the light boat bucks support you in your maintenance work on the boat and its storage or in the cleaning and care of the delicate boat skin. The trestles are compact, quickly at hand and also quickly stowed away again. This boat trestles are easy to carry and compactly built. Customizing is possible with this product.

The boat trestles from Ecklar, are ideal for rowing boats, paddles and Kajak.

More than 30 years ago, Klaus Eckstein set himself the task of producing only the best for windsurfing. Mast extensions, trim adapters, trim handles and anti-theft devices and transport trolleys are just a small selection from the extensive production and sales program. Even with accessories for other sports and leisure areas, the ECKLA GMBH is very innovative and successful.

It started with Klaus Eckstein buying a surf car, which, however, gave up its services after a short time. Then he decided to build a car that could withstand something. This was the beginning and it was followed by specialization in the entire accessories sector. In the meantime, he can offer a wide range of products, both for the professional and for the recreational athlete. In our own production plant, equipped with modern machinery, the complete and high-quality accessories are produced in Germany.

Due to permanent new developments and improvements of existing products as well as the use of high-quality materials, the company is now one of the leaders in the industry with many satisfied customers in Europe and overseas.